The masterplan (blogging about secrets)

Never decided if I should start by writing this kind of blog, or several types, if in English or Slovak. But the facts are these:

I wanted to twitter about this and 140 characters are too little for something like this message.

I have a special plan, of a different kind that all you (my friends) are used to. I’ve been doing this for a while now and never told anyone. I’m not going either, but as I twittered about having a new plan, some of you will probably try to find out what it is this time. This time, it’s about not telling and it does not involve anyone you can know (know as in contrast to “notice being around”). And this plan takes about 20 minutes of my time and if well done, it can fire out being quite a success in one or two years time. Watch me smiling silently :)

The last fact: I’ve decided how the book ends and how we get there. I’ve also planted some secrets inside the book: in the physical construction, few in a text relating to physical world (as opposed to emotional, human-relational, etc. – it’s a fiction, please don’t find yourselves in that book, it’s a fiction). Most of them require a little bit of creativity with fairly little gain, except for that nice feeling of discovering a secret. And anyways, I suppose, it will take lots of time to discover some of those. Maybe it’s my obsession trying to acoomplish, that you should not read a book and put it into the self (you should at least give it away for other to be read – and it’s not only about my one). I like to point out, that there are lots of books, which influence us to a great extent. My favourites are Path to happiness by Dalai Lama, Neal Gaiman’s Stardust and Neverwhere, Lord of the rings (yes, everyone likes that book, it’s a mainstream, most of you are sick of it, but hey – it’s a masterpiece and I don’t care), the Gibson’s, one book about Tea (from Thom siblings) and Hawking’s, Dawking’s and Sagan’s. These are the books, I quite often think about and they influenced me greatly. I actively discovered something more, learned a lot of background culture and stuff. When Ivan Pavlov’s and Peter Christopherson’s project SoiSong came out, they seeked a kind of active approach to their music. Many people’s first thought was, that this is some kind of elitarism while trying to squeeze out their fans and grab some more money out of their pockets. Maybe, but I must say, I like the idea and it makes it more fun listening to their music for me.

So the main concern is – what to do with blogging. English? Slovak? One blog or many (one private for friends, one “general”, one technical that links to corporate site)? What do you think?


Written by Juraj Bednár //