A little report from Thai massage

After a quite entertaining night, I went to pre-booked Thai massage in Sabai. Not my first time, but definitely the best one. I was in a room I was never before and the Thai girl had magic hands – I feel like flying.

I believe, that Thai massage is a serious art, probably a side-result of entropy (trying to keep energy consumption at minimum). It’s a magic interaction of two bodies. The only thing always bothers me a little is, that all those nice Thai girls are worried about me (“Does it hurt?”). Well, I’m usually half asleep and dreaming…

This one was like coming to a tiny hut in a middle of nowhere, but definitely somewhere in Thailand, probably north, around Chiang Mai. The music was not that evil “Asian-sweet-everything”, but actually a pretty good one. It’s a wonderful culture and I had a great time. In “Little Chiang Mai” here (Sabai) or in Thailand itself. Really, if you did not go to Thai massage, it’s one of the best ways to spend an hour or two in your life, believe me.

Looking forward to Shiatsu and Korean massage.

I wanted to write this, so I went upstairs to office (instead of going directly to garage to my car) and paired my Bluetooth keyboard with my phone. I taught my soup.io to get things by e-mail and added the secret e-mail address to my address book. Maybe the bluetooth virtual keyboard (google for it) and a cellphone would be enough for typing blog entries while travelling and doing some SSH. Two hours typing time is not much, but I probably can get an extra battery to that. Otherwise, it’s not much more I would need. Ah, yeah, I have no idea how to type proper Slovak, I don’t think it’s possible to change keyboard layout in this OS… But still, it’s quite a magic it works. Anyways, last two days, I lived in a dream and I’m going to write about it in my book, hope it would be worth reading for anyone. Having tea in my office and watching how letters add up on this tiny screen..

I hope I can talk more to people, like one of those Thai girls in Sabai. I wonder why they came here and how do they live here. I don’t know why, it just seems to be interesting… And guys are flying (paragliding), I should have been too. A few weeks later hopefully, but they love it. OK, that would be it for now.

I created a Slovak blog on blog.sme.sk to write more about local technolgical and such stuff. Basically a place to publish my Tatrabanka + fax story, I hope there would be more to it. Good luck my dear friends and enjoy the rest of Sunday. Work is calling!


Written by Juraj Bednár //