Holland experience

Amsterdam is quite an experience. I don’t know if I told you before, but I’m quite obsessed with various microworlds. How the flow of events affects different people differently. In Amsterdam, there are many microworlds, not only directly related to their most famous things: prostitutes in Red Light District and free availability and legality of various drugs, mainly weed and psilocybine mushrooms. There are of course windmills and countryside. Here’s what I liked: The microuniverse of Vincent van Gogh and his various and numerous paintings of people, countryside, still life. I took notes of many paintings I like, though I was not quite interested in van Gogh before. Everyone knows the famous paintings, but there’s lot more to it. Being quite surprised by the smoking skull, I started enjoying pure colorful beauty like White Orchard and maybe even more mainstream Starry Night. Second surprise were Japanese-inspired paintings, like Bridge in the rain I brought some prints in the museum shop to decorate my not-yet-existing new tea room (a room I will hopefully build in the flat). Hopefully I will also see some modern art tomorrow. Otherwise thinking about microworlds, where something happens completely differently than I’m used to. When I lived in a Kubus in Rotterdam, I was quite surprised with narrow and long stairs with little place for one person to pass through the staircase. In that case, I thought, that it’s because it’s architectural basis for the Kubus itself. Little did I know, that most of Dutch houses have narrow staircase, mainly to save place. How do they get their fridge, washing machine or lovely big Japanese bed upstairs? Using hooks and through the windows. And now for something completely different. We decided to leave city for a while, only to enter another city: Den Haag. The roadwork of main street for turist in central Haag was being reconstructed, but people did not seem to notice. They were drinking their cafe on plastic tables and plastic chairs in the middle of a roadwork dust. I might upload a picture of that, when I find it, it was lovely. We decided to walk (ouch) to Scheveningen. We passed a good sandwich shop and packed our sandwiches with goodies like Dutch cheese, pepper, tomatoes and other green stuff. We also got some full chillis packed with cream cheese. We ate it in front of pallace, which was quite decent and not overdecorated with a pond in front of it. It seemed very unhabited, except for one dozen of swans happily swimming in the water and trying to pretend they don’t notice the turist watching them. The walk was quite a long one, but we ended on the beach. Anyways, we turned back and brought some Margheritas, plastic glasses printed with underwater scenery and water. We laid on the beach for a while, until we decided we need one more Margherita and a Chineese food. For a restaurant on the central street of Scheveningen, having no customers inside is not a good sign, but we decided to risk it. We didn’t pay a lot and we had our stomaches full, even if we ate better things in life. Waiting for Tobias, we started our second Margherita and it was quite fun. We saw the sunset and went to Amsterdam. I also liked restaurant week. It’s the last week of august (I’m not sure if it’s the first year or no) and there are selected restaurants, which have a three-course menu for 25 EUR (still don’t know how to type the Euro sign on this keyboard). On Friday we went to the wine world, where the food was very sparse, but we had three kinds of wine to taste. We just got back from Supper Club, which is a very weird place to eat and be, but quite funny. The supper starts at the fixed time: 19:30. We enter the room, get the numbers of our “beds” and get into a bar, where we order our drinks. When everyone is there, we all go to a second big room. When we entered, I immediately spotted huge Princess Diana crucified on a British flag (I might also find a photo). The whole decoration, including stairs and walls was white, reminding me of the Cremaster cycle. The club was fine, live DJ music, visualization, weird people doing the service. Everyone got the same food (except they asked if someone is vegetarian or has any allergies, which was nice). We got white latex gloves and used it to eat the first meal. Other meals were with fork and knife. They were moving the food by basically forming and artificial human token-ring connection, the first guy standing on the table near the payment terminal. But putting it above, someone else from the second floor took it and served it to us. The whole idea of restaurant week is to get people to restaurants they would not attend (either they were not interesting or sure about the menu or they were too expensive). I enjoyed it and would do it anytime again.


Written by Juraj Bednár //