The Bronx and New York continued

Yesterday was a good weather for visiting the Liberty and Elis islands.
Elis island was really interesting for me, it was an entry place for
immigrants before allowing to enter New York harbour.

I was very tired of walking. We had a food in Thai restaurant. The best
Thai food, even better than anything I ate in Thailand itself (but it
had lots of common with traditional Thai food). It was a red snapper with
mushroom sauce and two 22oz strong (5% alcohol) thai beers. I was
pretty tired, so the Low concert was mainly a stand-by sleeping excercise,
but I loved a few tracks. Definitely much better than the Stars concert.

Today, we went to see The Bronx. It is really a nice place (no problems
like in american films, everyone riding their huge SUVs there, no white
day street violence or such stuff). But it is much cheaper, restaurants
and shopping. Met some slovaks in Bronx Zoo, they said, that they were
on a cruise from Miami through Carribean (Jamaica, Caiman islands, Dominican
Republic). It was a week cruise, all food in price (only alcohol excluded)
and they saw bunch of stuff. But anyway, the price for all of this was
$500. I would definitely love to do that, if I find a ticket to Miami
from Europe. The cruise company is called Carnival.

However, the very best part of all of this is having an Anxi Oolong tea
in a place called Teaspot (they have tea and wifi hotspot here). Nothing
better for me. I can sit, read my e-mail, post this blog and drink a
really good tea. Feels almost like home. Also chatting with tea-people
working here…

I love New York, it is really a best city I ever visited and if I wanted
to move far away, I would probably consider this place among first ones…


Written by Juraj Bednár //