Japan and Korea: Closing words

Sitting in a plane to Helsinki, back from Korea. I’ll really miss the experience and I think it’s a good memory for a life. I will miss Katka, Hugo and Bubak, but I’m telling myself I will see them soon.

It was an experience, I met bunch of interesting people, learned about things: about Korean and Japanese cultures (they are _way_ different) from ours. It’s good to know how people can act differently in different cultures. Allows me to see what is actually influenced by culture and what we are as a humanity, what we have in common. There were lots of differences, but one remains the same in many cultures I’ve learned about: People are usually very nice and helpful.

I wanted to write some more things I learned and don’t want to forget. One thing about Korea is, that people care too much about impression they leave. Jeju, being a honeymoon island, is a place where many young couples go. They sometimes end up taking pictures of themselves in scuba driving suits without actually doing scuba diving at all. I saw lot of young drunk girls playing almost a theatric show about how drunk they are. They kept throwing they wallets on the floor, pretending that they can’t even hold them, falling down so their guys could catch them. Yesterday I learned, that Korean women are pretty much manipulative and marriage with them (especially when the husband is not Korean) usually ends with a divorce or disaster. (Sorry all you asian-girls-loving-white-young-males reading this).

Some of the people climbing Mt. Halla were actually there to show off their hiking gear, not because they wanted to see it.

I kind of fell in love with some Korean food, but I don’t know if that’s just because Hugo and Katka were taking us to the good places… I loved Japanese food though. Eating sushi all the time is not a good idea, even if you are a “remote sushi admirer”, which I was not. So Korean restaurants with all different food was really good. I liked Kimchi soup, all kinds of noodles (some of them home-made), etc.

I loved Jeju, the southern part has very nice nature and it’s very accessible, but not crowded (or it was not when we were there). The northern part is even better, at least now, because there is Katka & Hugo. I think Korean won fell down so much lately, because they are preparing their economy for their departure somewhere else. What would Koreans do without them?

I think I’m starting to write a little bit of nonsense, maybe that’s because I’m listening to Jaurim - Carnival Amour. So I’ll finish here and I’m going to watch The Fringe.

Oh, and the book’s story is almost done. Hiking is too boring for me, so I got the story together when going up and down to Mt. Halla. And I wrote notes.


Written by Juraj Bednár //