Microworlds and William Gibson

I keep on reading through William Gibson’s Spook Country. If you can, go to the site and click on the picture that says Click to play, there is a video with William Gibson speaking. He is very charismatic and reminds me of my father a little bit. But that’s not what I wanted to begin with, I was just looking for the link.

Anyways, I love the writer’s style and I get a lot of inspiration from his books, especially the last two (that being Spook Country and Pattern Recognition). What I love is that the story is built up bottom-up, by characters themselves. It is nice to know, that it’s significant what the characters – real people – do. I always get the sense, that the world is ruled by the microworld kings, in a orchestra not well understood by anyone. But we can tune in.

William Gibson has an exceptional talent of finding or creating those microworlds. Like the Volapuk – Cyrillic (used in Russia) mapped to Latin characters so you can easily write in Russian in European network. The indie-band microworld. The advertisement industry microworld. All of them, nicely described, with all their weirdness and strangeness shown. I love it.

Microworld can be anything – a strange part of our world. I visited a new Mexican take-away restaurant yesterday in Bratislava. Looking at those people there, looking how everything works there, what people they meet, in what world they live. It’s so different from mine, that I don’t even have to go to Asia to see a weird different world. They are all contained there in microworlds. They also stack themselves as a Mandelbrot set.

You can look at more details and there are always microworlds within microworlds. The IT and geek microworld contains so many different smaller ones and even smaller, almost ad infinitum.

I have some interesting ones for my book. And I decided to publish some snippets here (also inspired by William Gibson). Maybe I’ll get some reactions. But I must warn you, that they are in Slovak, so only some of you will be able to read it. For others, it’s like Volapuk…


Written by Juraj Bednár //