Pure morning

I feel so good today. I had a great time yesterday, I had fun with lots of friends and ended up in a weird place (when I was googling for URL, I found a czech one which has a snippet of The Timewriter – Room of a million rainbows as a background music, this is my “I need to get a lots of work done now”-music).

The place is of course not usually weird, or weird that much, but there was not a lot of people. We ended up dancing with two gay pairs and Radvanyi & Letas standing by bar and having fun of us.

I feel so clean, so chilled now. I had a great day. Beware, there were some photographers, so anyone wanting to see me in a tie with silver hair posing with Noele or Flu and doing “Kimchi”-like smile, stay tuned.


Written by Juraj Bednár //