Reactions and comments on Soup

[Reposted from updates]

I think blog-like comments would be great, some of my followers would like to have them. It would be great if they don’t complicate the interface that much (can be seen only with a mouseclick). It would also be great, if they could be turned off for people, who don’t want them.

That being said, I think Soup-style reactions are great idea. It would be even better, if they worked among different sites. That would require developing of new standard protocols (but you are the web 2.0 superstars, you could do it!).

I think both types of reactions have their place. I don’t want to put every comment I make everywhere on my soup, simply because it is very specific and needs a lot of context, sometimes it seems out of place.

Several times I decided not to react simply because I don’t want to blotter my Soup with the reaction – looking out of context on my Soup and giving nothing to my followers and readers.

Yes, Katka, this is me lobbing for you to be able to comment on my Soup as you wanted! :)

If you want this feature, there is a way to let the Soup staff know.


Written by Juraj Bednár //