Non-working stupid Apple keyboard not so stupid after all

Every morning when coming to office, I was greated by a special ritual. I sat down by my table, put my notebook on it and connected power and monitor. Everything else is wireless.

Mouse worked well, but keyboard suddenly stopped working some time ago and I had to reboot it several times, beating it, pressing keys until it connected to my laptop and worked.

Yesterday, while I was performing this ritual (in the beating phase), I found out, that my phone is beeping and dialing weird numbers and characters.

I got it.

Some time ago, I had a great Thai massage and wanted to write something down (it was probably MMS, I was thinking about something during the massage). I came to office, which was close enough, but I did not have my notebook with my. The keyboard was still on the table, so I paired my keyboard with my phone and wrote it on the phone’s text editor with full QWERTY keyboard.

Then suddenly I forgot about it.

I had to reboot it several times, because it connected to either phone or notebook, whichever did it find first. And it was usually the phone. I suppose phone stopped communicating with the keyboard after several reboots of the keyboard, because it thought it is some kind of stupid device, that is reconnecting and then it worked with my computer.

I deleted the pairing on my phone.

One ritual less in my life.

The keyboard needs cleaning.


Written by Juraj Bednár //