Series in iCalendar: follow up

My friends suggested some new sites based on my earlier post. One is TV Calendar, suggested by letas. You can configure it with your shows. Not an iCal export, but handy too, I like it and will start using it right away.

Paulie suggested another great site: TV RSS. You can create search-based RSS feeds (it’s very easy) and if you have RSS-capable Torrent client (such as Deluge Torrent, also suggested by Paulie), you don’t even need to download the series, you just turn your set-top-box/media-center/computer on and watch what is downloaded. I will set this up too. If it was able to run unrar on those (I don’t know why) several-archives-rar-files, that are in one torrent, it would be great. I hate that, torrent has checksum capability, it does not compress it at all, it just adds complexity because of obsolete scene rules.

Anyways, thank you very much, my life just god better (but there is no new Terminator episode, so it’s not that good).


Written by Juraj Bednár //