On energy efficient solutions

This is not a technological post. That was something that got me thinking for a while yesterday (that’s why I went to sleep two hours later than I wanted).

I like when people want to “be good”, but there are several ways to do it. I have a reason to believe, that there are superior ways and they differ from the inferior ones by terms of energy efficiency. This is not an eco-talk, but it may well be.

I believe the best solutions in doing anything are the most energy efficient in the long term. If anything is making you tired (with focus on the long term, using a burst of energy first to do things right and consume less energy later is a good thing), you are probably doing something wrong.

Being good to people at all times should not be energy consuming at all and if it is, it’s not going from where it should be. It’s a mask then. A pretty nasty one.

The energy efficient way is very easy to find and very easy to follow, but may be something people are not used to in the first place. It may feel weird.


Written by Juraj Bednár //