On humans and their extensions (esp. my car)

We had a very interesting discussion with Slash about machines extending human capabilities. People often think about implants, but there can be much more. Augmented reality is one option, but I like to think of my car as my extension. When I sit there, I don’t feel like I’m using an external device – I am using it to move around. When I drive, I don’t walk with my feet, but the feeling is not that much different. It feels very natural. But that may be because I love my car.

On the other side, I love the idea of being able to do lots of things on my own, without help of external devices. I am happy if I can do some calculations just in my head, without calculator (I’m pretty poor at that). Or like today, when driving to Slash’s place, I found some bugs in software (I memorized parts of source-code and tried to debug it in my head) and used my phone connected to car’s bluetooth to tell Laura how to fix it.

It is me thinking by myself, while driving a car (because moving by myself would be too inefficient) and using another device to communicate my findings with Laura.

Isn’t it so, that extensions should be used when it’s efficient and required, while still retaining our natural abilities?


Written by Juraj Bednár //