SongBird is a next-generation music player, that is so much more.


SongBird is a next-generation music player, that is so much more.

It resembles basic iTunes interface (in default configuration), which I kind of like (but I know there are lots of people who don’t like iTunes interface).

Anyways, it has support for many wicked plugins. works out of box, it can even download album art from, display you pictures from Flickr, get you concert recommendations (not for Slovakia though), show you lyrics for currently playing songs.

It does not support iPod Touch and iPhone, but other iPods are supported.

I was looking at it a year ago and it was so lame, now I’m considering switching from iTunes to this software. I don’t like that iTunes forces me to do things their way. You can install several add-ons right from the interface, browse new music. It is a browser with integrated music player. I’m going to give it a try… A real one this time.

Screenshot is my actual, after about 5 minutes of pimping with extensions. No real deal. It even imported my iTunes library (which does not contain that much of music, since I stream it from server). If it allowed to control mpd and supported DAAP protocol for streaming from mt-daapd, it would be perfect (there some alpha plug-in for DAAP protocol, but it is pretty lame right now and it does not work for me).


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