Supper club Amsterdam

I wonder if you have seen Cremaster cycle (it’s five movies). There are parts, which I would call “radically white”.

That was the feeling I had in Supper club in Amsterdam. We were there as a part of restaurant week.

Everyone enters at 19:00, they get a drink, then all people go together to the white room. Above the entrance door, there was princess Diana crucified on a british flag.

Everyone got the same food (except for people with alergies and vegetarians). You basically sit and eat and have a good time. There’s a DJ playing some music, videoprojection and weird people.

This is how the food was travelling using human chains to the upper level:
This is how we had to eat appetizer (with latex glove, no fork and knife):

When we spotted a mistake on a bill and reported it (we should have paid more than on bill), we got a free tequilla as a thank you:

Amsterdam was great and I had a chance to see pictures after a long time. It reminds me how much I did in summer (being in Luxembourg with Ptmhd and Ema and this trip to Amsterdam). I like how I spent my time this year. I have seen a lot of things and learned a lot.


Written by Juraj Bednár //