I like generative art. There's a group on Flickr, that has lots of generative...


I like generative art. There’s a group on Flickr, that has lots of generative art images (I suspect some of them are not actually generative, but only look so).

If you are not familiar with generative art, it’s art (architecture design, pictures, music) created by generative algorithm such as genetic algorithms.

If you want to play, there’s one pretty good software, really easy to play with, it’s called Kandid. Your job is to basically select what you like – you are the evolution, choosing which pictures survive and which do not.

Proper way is to do your own art, in something like processing, but I made one book cover for my old book with Kandid (as I can not draw).

Go create and have fun!


Written by Juraj Bednár //