On Fusion Anomaly and viral magazines

When we were younger, we had an evil masterplan with Wilder and some guys (who probably don’t want to be named here) about creating a viral magazine. It’s name was supposed to be Attractor and I actually wrote some articles, but due to some issues, we never published it. Anyways, I still like the idea and it was the first idea of viral writing, that I heard of (not that I claim, that I was first one to think about it, but I never heard it before I started thinking about it).

This idea came to my mind after reading old communist propaganda books just for fun and realizing how they worked. There was a small part that lots of readers agree with and then there was a smaller idea-payload attached to it, that you would read along with the idea you originally agreed with.

So basically, this was very effective way of inserting ideas and thoughts to someone’s mind without him noticing.

We tried this several times and it was pretty hard-core stuff. The problem was with the way we wanted to distribute those magazines (also kind of virally – making them availaible for short time and then relying on sneakernets. So, that was Attractor, a neat idea.

Circa at that time, I liked to browse through a web site called Fusion Anomaly. I just realized, that it works the similiar way, but not with text, but with hyperlinks. The idea is to collect interesting text with pictures, that people would like to read and make it interesting on parts, where the text is hyperlinked to another parts. For example start in Stonehenge. I don’t know if it’s good start for you (I don’t know if you are interested in it), but if you are, you will find yourself after several hours browsing the site and different topics, that have mostly nothing to do with Stonehenge. It’s a viral site. But the reason is not only, that it’s hyperlinked (but that works too: how long do you spend on Wikipedia? I can spend hours there). The reason is, that it’s hyperlinked in a special way: it creates a question in your head and makes you think the answer is on the other site. There are some answers and a lot more questions.

Don’t worry, it is a pleasant experience and it will be well invested few hours.

Anyways, why I’m writing this. I got these two things together while band Angel was playing live. I usually think about stuff like this during concerts, sometimes it makes my mind work much better and relaxed and I’m focused on music and it alters my thoughts, so it works well.

After thinking, I got a brand new idea and I hope you will like it, all I want to say right now is, that it certainly is coming in 2009.


Written by Juraj Bednár //