Michael Crichton: Prey ★★★

This is a novel about nanotechnology, from the author of Jurrasic park. I won’t go into details – the story was nice, but it does not hold up. It was very predictable, the ending was so unreal and bizzare…

I must admit I enjoyed reading it, but the scientific inacurracies pissed me off all the time. I won’t reinvent the wheel, so here’s good explanation what was wrong. And here’s another review I mostly agree with.

I believe Crichton is a talented writer, with several good ideas, the book reads well (except for out-of-context infodumps). But this is not a good way to start thinking about nanotechnology. He made some of his homework, but what stroke me was, that the evolution and genetic programming does not work that way. There was a constantly evolving swarm, but the problem was, there was no feedback. It could not work at all, but in any case, it could not work that fast. In his infodumps, he says, that it takes about 3000 generations for genetic algorithm to converge (I don’t know where he got this number from, it could be much, much more), yet the deadly swarm can infect and alter human synapses (technologically impossible that way, they are way much bigger than synapses, they could not fit there) in cca 100 generations (impossible, anyone who has done any genetic programmic sees there is no way of doing it that fast).

It was an entertaining read with a good style, but very unconvincing. But I enjoyed the time I spent.

If you want to read it, I can borrow you the book…

Rating: 3/5


Written by Juraj Bednár //