Bank and a fax

This is a story I promised to share with some of you in English. We were called to our bank (Tatrabanka, Raiffeisen group) by our account manager and after doing some other stuff, I asked about overnight deposits (with a small interest). She said, that the only way to do overnight deposit (when you have over cca 33000 EUR) is to come to the bank branch in person that day, or to send a fax. My business partner wanted to complain about this stupidity (in a digital world, we should come somewhere or send fax?). The lady explained, that it’s difficult also for them, they have to handle all overnights manually and it’s a lot of work. It’s usually the last thing she does. So I calmed Vlado down by assuring him everything is going to be okay.

This is how it works: We monitor our current account balance, if it is over the required sum at the end of the day, our system generates a fax, that is signed and stamped by us. And sends it via fax to our branch.

I imagine the poor lady, how she finds our automatically generated fax and types the numbers manually into their system. It is a weird form of Digital to Analogue to Digital converter. (it actually is Data -> pdf -> tiff -> sound waves of fax beeping sent digitally over VoIP line -> analogue network -> their fax machine -> digital translation to image and printing -> retyping from paper to the bank’s system).

I’m glad they feel secure by our stamp and signature PNG image.

Of course, the real problem was, that the lady in the bank did not know, they have a system working, that does this electronically from Internet banking, I need just to sign a contract with a treasury department.

But then again, why bother? I would have to do it manually from Internet banking each day, to check the balance and do the transaction. Now I have a fully automated solution. And I learned to use sendfax, iaxmodem, Jasper Reports in the process. The script is still generating money, just converting it to €.


Written by Juraj Bednár //