NetBeans Visual Web Pack

I was playing today with NetBeans visual web pack. While I like the idea (and I was looking for a visual way of creating dynamic, interactive pages), it needs a long way to go. I was not able to do a simple table selection and display after three hours of reading tutorials and googling around. No components for file uploads in default (although there is a pretty good File Upload from Apache Commons).

I also tried IceFaces AJAX library, but that did not work at all (I dragged a component, it did not appear on the visual web page, no JSF code created, but it appeared in inspector).

Everything is so difficult and counterintuitive, that I let it be for now.

And I’m still so happy I don’t need to develop web applications.

But if it worked, it would be great… Some GUI for Ruby on Rails, or something like that. For someone who hates HTML/CSS/JavaScript combo, there needs to be a way to create pages using visual editor and write code in pure Java/Groovy/Ruby.

I keep wishing…


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