Roomba and Scooba (sort of) review

I promised to some people I will do a short review of Roomba vacuum cleaner and Scooba electronic mop.

First of all: both of these devices greatly improved quality of my life. Vacuum cleaning rooms was a hell for me, I am allergic and it was a routine that started with one Zodac (Cetirizine hydrochloride) and ended up with me usually having a shower to clean all the dust flying in the air.

Now, I set up virtual walls, start the machines to do the dirty work (literally) and go work. When I come back, the floors are clean and so is air (I usually open windows a little bit.

The “problems”: floors have to be free of cables and other stuff. If there’s something on the floor, it usually gets into the cleaning mechanism and the machine stops. Worse things can happen (if it’s a cable connected to device on the table, it is possible that the device will fall down), but they did not happen to me. If the floors are clean, you are safe to do it.

The Scooba is much more stupid, much more noisy (I did expect Roomba to be more noisy) and can clean only one room with one tank. But I don’t mop my rooms that often, so I have Scooba mop one room and others get just vacuum cleaned.

If you don’t have carpets, I recommend getting only Scooba, but you have to pick up bigger junk like fallen dead leaves.

Roomba can dock and charge automatically, Scooba can not and you have to clean the tank with dirty water and fill the clean one. It comes also only with one virtual wall and does not have “lighthouse” support. So it’s literally for cleaning one room and nothing else.


Written by Juraj Bednár //