LifeRay + Zimbra LDAP

How to use Zimbra LDAP for authentication. Go to Control Panel/Settings/Authentication/LDAP. Set settings like this (change “corporation” for your domain name, if it uses other tld than .com, change that too):

Base provider URL: ldap://
Base DN: ou=people,dc=corporation,dc=com
Principal: uid=principal,cn=admins,cn=zimbra
Credentials: [insert password here]
Authentication search filter: (uid=@screen_name@)
Import Search filter: (objectClass=zimbraAccount)

User mapping
Screen Name: uid
Password: userPassword
Email Address: mail
Full Name: cn
First Name: givenName
Last Name: sn

Import Enabled: Y
Import on Startup Enabled: Y
Import Interval: 10 mins
Export Enabled: N


Written by Juraj Bednár //