How to browse Internet from certain country

I don’t get it, there are still some services, that are limited to a specific country (using GeoIP or Whois database or whatever). This is how to overcome the limitation. Install Tor (I use OS X package with Vidalia support).

Then you can either find an exit node from the country list (you can sort by country in Network Map) or use this list (thanks to bon). Choose more exit nodes. Then put this to your .torrc:

ExitNodes batman, VOLVOFH12, MagicGibbon, LemonTorte, Ragnaruss, anonion, atacama, candybar, Freaky, t0rp0r, tortureisevil
StrictExitNodes 1

(the names of nodes are random nodes in the UK, you will need to change the list to suit your needs).

Restart Tor and there you go.


Written by Juraj Bednár //