Darjeeling First Flush teas

This will be a little bit of advertisement maybe, but for free, because I’m simply satisfied with the service. If you want to order fresh Darjeeling teas directly from India, you can consider using ThunderBoltTea.com. If you enter the correct coupon code (described here), you can get free shipping.

The hyper note of “severe drought conditions” could be seen everywhere specially highlighting the case of ‘First Flush Darjeeling Teas’, but the rains came just about the right time and we got our teas and is now for you to savor it! If the rains did delay then it would be defoliation rather than the new tender First Flush shoots and mass production would be at its minimum. Still, production was low and as a result there will be no ‘easy abundance’ of First Flush Darjeelings in the market. Quality is good as a true first flush should be and I am happy to have acquired the teas for our clients. I have already tasted and it is ethereal – now its your turn.


Written by Juraj Bednár //