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Research into xAj3z
Current mood: Cautiously optimistic <!— blog body —> We have finally received specimens of the Object some refer to as “xAj3z”, though here at the Lab, the boys have affectionately nicknamed it “piano-stealth” for reasons that will become clear when you get your own sample.

Having received the all-clear from Health and Safety officials we will be sending them out to Officially Sanctioned Distribution Points, in the next few days. If you have suitable security clearance you will be able to obtain your own sample, directly from the SoiSong site, as well as from local sources.

No one is quite sure what to make of them, since they are quite unlike anything anyone could have expected, and seem to suggest a totally New Mutation of the Genus - Possibly a New Species or Genre altogether, originating who-knows-where, and with features and abilities we can only guess at.

Naturally they should be handled with care.

As with the previous smaller sample of this nature, we do not advise you to insert it willy-nilly into just any old slot or orifice, as it could be extremely damaging. Use only tray based equipment.

Despite the reassurances of the scientists that “nothing can go wrong” we are wary of distributing the Object’s source code by digital means, and strongly recommend that, whenever not in use, the substance be contained within its completely unique casing, which we surmise serves some kind of protective function, though whether for us, or the object itself, we don’t know. Needless to say you should take whatever steps you can to prevent it’s uncontrolled propagation.

Frankly, we just don’t know how this thing could spread.

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Written by Juraj Bednár //