A case of obscene manga

I got the information about this from Neil Gaiman’s twitter (@neilhimself).

_ Handley, 38, faces penalties under the PROTECT Act (18 U.S.C. Section 1466A) for allegedly possessing manga that the government claims to be obscene.  The government alleges that the material includes drawings that they claim appear to be depictions of minors engaging in sexual conduct.  No photographic content is at issue in Handley’s case.

_More of Neil’s insights in his blog and good summary also here.

So, someone ordered comic books with manga (i.e. drawings), where there is childhood sex. And they want to put him into jail and confiscate all his property. And yes, this is 21th century democratic U.S.A.

For those who don’t get why this is damn bad, even evil, check Neil’s opinion, I fully agree with it.

But there’s something else I want to point out. Maybe you’ve heard about Mr. Alan Turing. He was a british mathematician and pioneer of informatics/computer science. He helped the Allies win the second world war by breaking Nazi Enigma cipher machine. He did a lot of theoretical studies of basis of informatics and computer science. He laid foundations of artificial intelligence. And he was gay. That is, he had a private relationship with another man. When the police discovered this, he was prosecuted, ordered a health-threatning hormonal therapy. He commited suicide in his fourties due to the prosecution. Have he lived happily longer, he could have moved his field even further.

Who is to blame? A stupid law, that never helped anyone and prosecuted innocent citizens. And stupid lawmakers, that made the law pass out of xenophobia (or we can call this special case a homophobia).

Blame is not important, there’s no such law any more, you may say. Yet, goverments (including in the UK) still try to control what is obscene and what is not, prosecuting innocent working citizens and helping no one. Maybe if they do it long enough, those innocent drawings would have no more immature sex.

It is very important to protect these excesses, prosecute marijuanna consumption (which reportedly one third of young population does) in last breath to help stupid xenophobia. Thank you, dear lawmakers, for saving us all.



Written by Juraj Bednár //