"The next generation of computers are coming - and they're like


“The next generation of computers are coming - and they’re like nothing we’ve seen before. Scientists are turning away from silicon chips and are instead using living systems to build machines that look set to change the world forever. The new bioengineers speak in the language of cells and DNA, and they are asking some of the most important questions in modern science. What will computers look like in twenty years time? Is it possible to harness the immense power of biology for the purposes of computation?

_Should we even try?”

_I read this book (actually a Czech translation).

It is a great introduction to DNA computing to everyone. It starts with basics on computability theory, computation complexity and describes what it means to compute something. It’s a nice history of these fields with lots of stories and background information.

Then it describes how DNA computation works and what was explored so far in this field. Then continues with description of bioengineering and modifications of living organisms. Very interesting questions in my head after reading this book. I recommend it to everyone.


Written by Juraj Bednár //