On flights to space


**On flights to space

**There is a company that is building Spaceport in the U.S. (picture is how it should look like when finished). This is not that interesting, what’s more interesting is the fact, that they are offering flights to space (you can buy them now) for €107000. It’s not cheap, but it’s at least one tenth of the price for space flight few years ago. If this goes the same way as with computers (exponential growth of processor speed, prices going down) and genetics (price of gene sequencing going down exponentially, now at cca €1000 per whole genome sequence, should go as low as €300 in few years), this means, that my plan to celebrate my company’s tenth birthday on Earth’s Moon is not so sci-fi as I thought.

Okay, flying to moon is really something different than going to suborbit, looking down at the earth and going back in 2.5 hours. Something qualitatively different. But I believe this will follow, moon base and looking at earthrise from there.

Why is this important?

I still believe our minds have lots of preconceptions, caused by what we needed in life and what we experienced. One of these preconceptions is the scale we look at things. The size of our earth is something we can mathematically calculate, compare, but it resonates in us only as “something really big”. It’s difficult to imagine things like “the size of the sun” or Alpha Centauri. Or our galaxy. It is something big, but what does it mean? How do we experience that?

I believe, that by exploring space, not only professionally, but also by amateur astronauts is a logical next step for us.

When the flight costs €10000, I’m taking it. Window seat, non-smoking please.



Written by Juraj Bednár //