01-nature and organisation-to you

Artist: Nature and Organization Album: Seven Seals and their appearance in nature (with Current 93) Track: To you Category: Romantic Lyrics The words are a poem by Rod McKuen, with slight variations (in parenthesis below) I’d lie down in darkness with devils and awaken with strangers that I never knew, I’d follow the hoofbeats of heartaches if I thought they would lead me To You. There’s so little magic in morning butterflies in your eyes and a teardrop or two, I’d run down the dawning with danger if I could be running To You. If I cried out to God without warning (in the morning) who am I, where am I why am I so(still) alone? He’d probably show me the highway leading To You and to home. There’s so little magic in midnight fireflies in your eyes and a sparkle or two, I’d dance through the darkness with danger If I could be dancing To You. If love gives you life or takes lifetimes I’ll give life(love) or take life(love) To You.

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Written by Juraj Bednár //