"Life is full just now. Just the way I like it.I can't sleep so well at night,..."

Life is full just now. Just the way I like it.__
I can’t sleep so well at night, mind buzzing with all there is to do, but all the same I love it.
So the album’s mastered. Release date isn’t until March 14, 2010 which seems like forever away…but it also feels right…this record needs a gentle entry into the world. Not a hurried one.
First, tho, there’ll be a single, “There for the Taking” available as a free download (or on I.tunes etc with a b side, “Falling Down”,  from December 14). “There for the Taking” was written after a long conversation with a soul-friend of mine. He was worrying about life; where he fitted in, what he was doing, the ways in which he felt he was failing. I wanted to reach out in some way… tell him that it was all ok, that worrying did nothing and that, if we trust in the universe and fall back into her arms, she usually holds us pretty well. So after I put down the phone I started to play my guitar and “There for the Taking” seemed to flow out.
Today we’re getting together artwork for the single promo based on a photo I took called “Frost Flowers”. I live in this mad old house, well I have an apartment which is a small part of a rambling old place. It’s surrounded by nature and has a kind of “open” feeling to it. The kids all run between apartments and check in with their various parents from time to time. My neighbour here, Henry, is working with me on the artwork while our kids ride their bikes together outside. It’s kinda cool… a nice way to create rather than stuck in some office in a city. 
And I’m here writing this blog, with the odd interruption about who’s doing what on whose bike and I’m wondering if I’ll get some peace to rehearse my live set for the upcoming UK tour at some point in the day.
__It’s as I said, lot’s to make and do, but that’s just the way I like it to be…

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