Sleep Dealer (US/MX 2008) ★★★★


Deeply political cyberpunk set in a dystopian Tijuana. The border long fenced off, technology has allowed US corporations to get what they want from Mexico: All the natural resources and all the work, but without any of the workers. The more adventurous and/or desperate Mexicans get neural plugs installed on the black market, plug themselves in at the oddly-named Sleep Dealer factory and get to work remote-controlling faraway robots in grueling shifts. Those “nodes” can, of course, also be put to other uses…
A thought-provoking, intriguing mix of rural, impoverished Mexico and futuristic hi-tech. Obviously shot on a shoestring budget, not all of the acting and effects are totally convincing, but the dreamlike (dare I say Blade Runner-ish?) cinematography and the interesting themes make up for it. Recommended!

Rating: 4/5

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Written by Juraj Bednár //