There are many stories out there. Movies, series, books, told by mouths around, broadcasted. I’ve always thought about them in general. Why they are concieved, what do they tell us, why they exist.

They can carry stickers like “true” or “fictional”, “exciting”, “romantic”, “breathtaking”, “scary”, “warm” et cetera.

There are few we’ll remember in few years’ time.

There are some that go beyond these labels. Or I suppose they should be. You can label any story, but some of them really are different. You don’t know why, but they are.

I’ve been able to find just one until now. It carries stickers, but it is beyond anything else. It’s a historical, true story, but it also tells us about future. If you care to listen.

It’s a story of how we came to be. A story of beginning of time, a story of our evolution, a story of us being here.

I can’t put any labels, that would describe, what happens if you understand. It’s like you get new eyes and you understand things around you. Maybe you just take off those glasses that everyone has been putting on your eyes. And now you can see for yourself. You are free.


Written by Juraj Bednár //