Wicked HSPBP Hackerspace Budapest Opening PartyIt takes only some three hours...


Wicked HSPBP Hackerspace Budapest Opening Party

It takes only some three hours by car or railjet to travel from the Austrian to the Hungarian capital. A [Metalab delegation][2] comprising some old crocks & young guns followed the kind invitation to the [house warming party at the Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge][3] aka [HSPBP.org][4] to deliver good wishes and to meet friends there from Central Europe. And it was just awesome: brisk spirit of optimism, lightning talks, open fire, potato goulash, wok food and a great party with live music, Club-Mate, booze and charming Hungarian girls! Blame yourself if you’ve missed the opportunity ;-p

After a extended period of doubt followed by a motivational “Just fucking do it.” stef, dnet and a few others from Budapest took heart and rented space in a condemned house to boot strap their hackerspace i.e. provide infrastructure for doing stuff and to gain interest and comrades for the next step. The house is located in the quite central [Akácfa utca 51][5] and will be demolished sooner or later (apparently another year left) but meanwhile hosts the Fogasház, a [cultural pub/hub][6] ([video][7]).

Attn. @[bon][8]/@[jooray][9]/woody/Pavol/folks from .SK: [go for it!][10]

See some [more pics by jooray][11]

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