Travelling, microworlds and art

Sitting in a train from Bucharest to Craiova, I am thinking about the reasons behind few things. Why to do something? Why some people are more active in life than others? And what is the purpose?

The case of travelling and being interested in things around is obvious: it’s curiosity of an explorer mixed with humanity’s evolution to homo neophilus: information-savy thinker-explorer. I like to think about another reason, which I call microworlds.

Take a complex matter, such as the world around us, which can’t be easily thought of as a whole. It’s so complex and so difficult, a mind has usually problem finding out where to focus, which part to think about.

As a proper computer scientist I do what we always do: construct everything from top down as well as bottom up: whichever suits the problem better. Or combine both approaches.

The bottom-up principle: take a tiny part and understand it well. Then combine.

I like to look at small parts of world around us: say an obscure musical genre fans, developers of a particular software, medicine doctors focused on an esoteric (as in “not common”, not unscientific) parts or approaches, people going to one pub, parts of society with common opinion. Listen and understand. There are patterns, there are mysteries, there are exceptions. But it’s rewarding and fun.

Take this to a next level. Everyone with a camera is a wanna-be artist, documentarist of his or her microworld. Bloggers, twiter feeds, obscure art performances that are seen once and never repeated.

You can say, that the past had it’s art celebrities. Today, the world of art is diversified. They all offer their personal approqch to documenting the microworlds of their minds and their minds’ surroundings.

We will never ever be complete to see, read, hear, smell nor understand even a small grasp of today’s great art. But we will be able – through creating and consuming personalized art forms – to experience, create and become parts of new microworlds.

_It was a Sprawl voice and a Sprawl joke. Meet me on the Dead side of the moon, at Eris Quies. _

That kind of microworlds.


Written by Juraj Bednár //