skript (SCM, 1.1 KB)

I am using this script for anaglyph images. Still, it is quite difficult for me to do it. I am taking anaglyph pictures using 3d camera with three lenses on analog film. I then give it to local photo shop for scanning. I get an image with two or three pictures. Attached script takes selection, makes another layer, moves it to upper left corner, crops the resulting image and runs script-fu-make-anaglyph (with default color settings). Put both scripts into your scripts directory and you can access both of them using Stereo menu in gimp. Some output anaglyphs are here. You need cyan-red glasses. I like Scheme programming language (LISP), except for the fact, that parenthesis change semantics radically without proper error reporting. It’s very hard to debug.


Written by Juraj Bednár //