The gaps

We look at younger generations and relate to us. More precisely: we see a very narrow sample of young generation and relate that sample to our experience. It’s no generation comparison at all. “They are more vulgar” or “They start smoking sooner”. I just found a positive example. Sitting in Amsterdam near Overtoom, sunny day, kids are playing football together on a grass. Blacks, whites, muslims, any color you like. What’s so special about this? It does not happen in Slovakia, but I hope it will start happening. There has been little cultural exchange in Slovakia, different cultures are segregated. Does it prevent the Dutch to keep their culture? Hardly. Any color you like, they live together, there is more common than not. We need to stop making a distinction. There is not us and them. We are forming our culture together. I want that more in Slovakia. Less arguments, less stupid nationalism. We will be a good culture, when the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Arabs, asiats, hispanic, black, etc. would be proud to call that piace of land home. There is a big mentality change required to allow that.


Written by Juraj Bednár //