A city feels like home when

A city feels like home when you walk around and a tweet reply arrives because you walk near a restaurant your ssid database knows.

According to “home is where the data plan is” meme at least:).

I wish my SSID database migrated much better among devices. I still have those “let’s find out in 10 years who is right” events in my calendar, scheduled 10 to 20 years ahead that migrated from my first cellphone. All those knowledge about access codes is lost during various reinstalls. Splashscreens really piss me off (there’s a protocol for authentication). At least they should be standardized and automated after first use (how many times will I have to agree to the terms and conditions of Wien-Schwechat airport in my life? I already did. Like 50 times:).


Written by Juraj Bednár //