About me

My name is Juraj Bednár. I am an entrepreneur, hacker and explorer. It is difficult to write something “about me”, because life is so complex and I try to do a lot of interesting stuff.

I wrote my first program when I was 6 years old. Later I have become involved with open-source, Linux (as a user, then administrator and system architect) and redundant server solutions. It all goes hand in hand with security and cryptography. I am very interested in wider implication of technologies. I studied artificial intelligence and I try to figure out what’s the real difference between computer programs and people :).

I am a co-founder of Citadelo (with Vladislav Konečný, Tomáš Zaťko and Martin Leskovjan) – a team of hackers (called penetration testers or ethical hackers). Our main security service is a simulated hacker attack directed at your web or mobile application. We use and contribute to OWASP Testing Guide. We have tested several financial applications for insurance companies and banks and e-commerce solutions (credit card processor, e-shops, …). Now we are focusing on crypto.

I also co-created a sharing-economy service for hackers and a bug bounty program called Hacktrophy. We are serving mainly European market – we are the first European bug bounty program provider.

I am currently working on projects related to cryptocurrencies – security, smart contracts, …

I am always looking for new opportunities, friendships and ventures.

Entrepreneurship is key to creating abundance in this world. Creativity and productivity solve poverty and improve people’s lives in a way that no state agency can. I am involved with Bitcoin – an alternative currency that will probably make sending and receiving money easier for entrepreneurs and people around the world, not only in the “western countries”.

Travel; that’s how I learn about the world. I like hacking travel too.

I am a co-founder and active member of Paralelná Polis Bratislava and Prague’s Paralelní Polis. It hosts a hackerspace called Institute of Cryptoanarchy and a cafeteria with best coffee in Prague and accepting only cryptocurrencies.

I wrote some (hopefully) useful and interesting code that can be found over at my Github.

Here’s my linkedin profileTwitter: @jurbed, Instagram @juraj.bednar and Facebook. When e-mailing me, please use my PGP public key.

Talks and lectures are available here