Project: Hacktrophy
My involvement: Co-founder
Office: Bratislava

Hacktrophy is an IT security solution. It is innovative in the fact that it is a continuous testing solution for all IT security vulnerabilities. It is a bug bounty program, where you provide a bounty for our registered hackers, when you can decide how much would you like to pay for demonstrated security vulnerabilities (so the price of the service is entirely up to you).

We also offer packages for companies that need predictable budgeting.

Hacktrophy has been working with cryptocurrency exchanges, banks and other types of companies, but you can also try to hack this blog and get rewarded, simply register with Hacktrophy.

People have many questions about allowing other people to hack their website and it’s an interesting discussion, but the bottomline is this: There are uninvited black-hat hackers hacking your website right now. Your choice is if you attract also good white-hat hackers that want to actually help your security – in advance to those black-hats.

For some projects, it is a better idea to start with a penetration test from my other company Citadelo and then continue with continuous monitoring with Hacktrophy.

Contact Hacktrophy here.