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Cryptocurrencies – Hack your way to a better life

How bitcoin, decentralized payment networks, cryptocurrencies and a return to hard, non-inflationary currency will help us change our lives and the world

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Option Plus Podcast

The podcast for increased optionality, liberty, cryptocurrencies and life hacking.


Talks and interviews about various topics.

Online courses

Firefox setup for better privacy

Online course to help you regain more privacy while browsing the web.

Lightning network for private bitcoin payments among friends and for products and services

Online course that helps you to start using lightning network for instant and cheap Bitcoin payments.

Freedom Map

Help us define where people lack freedom and what to focus on in our mission to increase freedom in the world!

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Podcast episodes

Strategies for liberation here and now (with Max Hillebrand pt2) Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar

Pack your revolutionary banners and hide your “civic disobedience” weapons. And definitely don’t join a political party. Reformation and revolution are both obsolete and very slow ways towards more freedom. So what shall we do instead? With Max Hillebrand, we continue our last conversation about first principles of liberty and in this conversation, we talk […]
  1. Strategies for liberation here and now (with Max Hillebrand pt2)
  2. First principles of self-liberation strategies with Max Hillebrand
  3. The rise of artificial intelligence
  4. Option+ Manifesto: Being free here and now
  5. Optionality and liberty

Blog, tutorials, etc.

Learn more about cryptocurrencies, AI, better life, etc. There’s also Slovak blog.

About me

Who am I and how can I help you. Also learn about my personal philosophy and how I am showing up in the world in OptionPlus manifesto.

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