Halving numerology: Why not to expect a halving supply shock

The price of Bitcoin is rising and the internet is soaked in FOMO memes: “ETF funds alone already need more than 10x of Bitcoin mined each day and in 2 months it is halving and they will need 20 times the daily mined amount” => FOMO!!!! Buy NOW!!!!!!! Let’s break this down and see what’s […]

Quick-hack: Signal on two numbers for separating groups and discussions

You’ve already read from me why it’s important to use encrypted messengers, which ones I use, or life hacks for asynchronous communication. At the same time, I am leading by example and have started several Signal and Element groups, and participate in many others. And here’s the basic question – how not to go crazy […]

The road to Bitcoin adoption – part two: how do people get Bitcoin?

In the first part, we looked at Bitcoin’s success criteria. The path to adoption for me is – how do people that want to use Bitcoin for some reason get their hands on it? I don’t care about the numbers – how many countries, institutions or individuals are using it, or what monetary unit the […]

The road to Bitcoin adoption – part one: what are the success criteria for Bitcoin?

Debates about how wider adoption of Bitcoin will occur are popular among bitcoiners, though not all that useful. Personally, of course, I have no idea how it will happen, but it’s nice to talk about a few schools of thought as they have a broader worldview connections. And since our eyes only see and our […]

Goodbye app… let’s move from the centralized stores

I used to develop and publish a mobile app that enabled access to my courses from smartphones and tablets. However, it’s time to say goodbye to it. You can read about the reasons and the alternative in the form of Progressive Web Apps in this blog post. Progressive Web Apps In my short e-book Cypherpunk […]

How to find someone to buy BTC from using Vexl app

Vexl is a great app that allows you to discover a counterparty from which you can buy Bitcoin or who can buy it from you. I have written about finding people for a trade in this blog. See the video on how the app works: You can download Vexl here. The importance of buying Bitcoin […]

How to give Bitcoin back its peer to peer character and use it to its full potential

This is a chapter of my book Cryptocurrencies – Hack your way to a better life (my eshop, Amazon, Slovak version, Spanish version my e-shop, Spanish version Amazon). In this chapter I talk about the fact that you can buy different “versions” of what businesses sell as Bitcoin – for the same price – but […]

Expanding the Lightning network to serve billions – a quick win strategy

As Bitcoin blocks are being filled and fees rise astronomically, it has become too expensive to open channels for many day-to-day use-cases. In this block I want to build a case for expanding the Lightning network beyond the bloated Bitcoin time-chain, to give people more options. First, let’s look at how Lightning actually uses Bitcoin […]

Life hacks for asynchronous communication

Synchronous communication is, for example, a physical meeting, a phone call or a video call. While it has its advantages (for example, we can expect to resolve whatever the reason for the call during the call), it also has its disadvantages. For example it takes two or more people to coordinate on a time for […]

Three magic steps to a better world: Internet (cyphersphere), Bitcoin and AI

Internet (cyphersphere), Bitcoin and AI thread. What do these have in common? In the late 1990s, we started to interconnect. Mailing lists, news, IRC. These were the first social networks, later converging around free and open-source projects. Not only software, but content. We also created a parallel communication networks, something I call cyphersphere. We used […]