How to find someone to buy BTC from using Vexl app

Vexl is a great app that allows you to discover a counterparty from which you can buy Bitcoin or who can buy it from you. I have written about finding people for a trade in this blog. See the video on how the app works: You can download Vexl here. The importance of buying Bitcoin […]

Financial surveillance and crypto utopias (recording from HCPP19)

This talk is based on my upcoming book Financial Surveillance and Crypto Utopias. If you would like to learn when it’s out, sign-up to the mailing list. In a world where financial surveillance is a norm and banking secrecy is gone, what are our option? And how does the surveillance apparatus really work? The introduction […]

Good Morning Cyberspace SPECIAL: Living With/Out Google – July 18 2019

This is an interview with me about living your life with/out Google – is it possible? Should you do it? The irony of doing this through YouTube did not escape us, I don’t think you should totally avoid Google at any cost, just make informed decisions. Watch the video here

Build your own crypto utopia (interview in Gold Newsletter podcast)

Fergus Hodson interviewed me for his Gold Newsletter podcast. We are talking about what is the value proposition of cryptocurrencies, what is Parallel Polis and how to get more freedom. For other formats, visit the episode’s page at Gold Newsletter Podcast.

Hack your life to freedom (Lidija Zavoralova)

This is one of the rare occasions where I had an opportunity to interview someone on stage. Lidija is an amazing life hacker and her core value is freedom. Through stories, we have learnt how to prepare your mind in order to go around some barrier. And how to find out that the barrier is […]

Parallel Polis: How to build a business completely on cryptocurrency

Strategies for dealing with volatility, financing and bear markets for a business that is run on cryptocurrencies. Slides Parallel Polis is a concept of a non-profit organization that decided to accept only cryptocurrenciesfor its services and run fully on crypto. Dealing with volatility, funding issues and turning downsides to upsides,we wanted to answer a question […]

Hacking the brain with open-source EEG and neurofeedback (Beyond Psychedelics 2018 talk)

What is neurofeedback? Why open-source? How can we use it? What happens if we create new senses? Recording from my Beyond Psychedelics 2018 talk. Slides are available here BTW: If you want to try a great consumer neurofeedback device to improve meditation, get Muse with 15% off through this link. That’s what I use when […]

Positive libertarianism: beyond hating the state (from HCPP17)

Most libertarians will go through several phases. Seeing the inefficiency or injustice of the state is one of them. I want to suggest that there is another phase: Taking your liberty into your own hands. Hate taxes? Go to tax haven! Don’t like public schools? Unschool your kids. Do you want banking privacy? Cryptos! Don’t […]

Liberty is a DIY project

A recording from my HCPP 2016 talk. In previous years I had a talk about why I think Liberty is a DIY project – that it’s a personal responsibility of each and every one of us. Then I had two presentations about hacking the biology of our bodies and brain. This talk is continuation of […]

Secure communication and the CIA

The eye of our Big brother is spying on us all. Edward Snowden revelations have taught us that there is no place to hide. However, we can protect our communication by using a bunch of tools and apps. Come and start using them right away! This was a little bit of “improv” part of LibertyCon […]