Bitcoin as a store of value

A little bit more “technical” talk about using Bitcoin as a store of value, not as a transactional system. Does the value of Bitcoin in terms of state currencies actually have to be stable and/or not volatile? Is there a market in storing wealth in cryptocurrencies? Should all people save in one currency? This was […]

Biohacking – Paralelní Polis Hackers Congress 2015

My talk about biohacking from Paralelní Polis Hackers Congress 2015.

Hacking the Czech Parliament via SMS [30c3]

Hacking the Czech Parliament via SMS A parliamentary drama of 223 actors The Czech art collective Ztohoven’ project “Moral Reform” was accomplished in collaboration with web security experts. Together they created the unique art concept of a mobile phone mass-hack. “Am I the only one who sees all the bad things we do? It’s impossible […]

About Hacktivism: My TedX talk with English subtitles

This Tedx talk is about hacktivism in a modern world and it’s morality. It talks about Moral Reform, an artistic performance of Czech art group called Ztohoven. The setting: Czech Parliament. More about Moral Reform can be found in my previous blogpost or at the project’s page on There is also an English translation […]