I often speak, give lectures and teach. My favorite topics are IT security, cryptocurrencies, biohacking, freedom, exponential technologies. I mostly speak in Parallel Polis or as part of SingularityU Bratislava Chapter.

You can find most of my recorded talks and lectures on my blog

I always try to do lectures in a way that each new talk brings something new and every lecture is better than the previous one.

If you want to invite me to speak

As I mentioned, I like to lecture but I have some rules. First of all, I do not like to lecture at conferences with the participation of the state or with substantial presence of the members of the state. If your conference webpage is filled with European Union’s logos or national symbols, it has taken several grants and the like, I am not the right person for this event, I simply do not enjoy such events.

The second condition is a reward. Without a fee, I can only lecture in very special cases – if the event is in Parallel Polis, if I can very actively promote some of my projects and the conference is full of people from the target group of this project. As I focus on developing existing projects or generating free content, any free or low-cost speaking engagement is preventing me from reaching this goal.

If the conference has admission fee, I will most probably not lecture there for free. How do I determine the price? Of course everything is based on mutual agreement, but the price depends on the time needed to prepare the lecture (I do not like to simply “repeat” a lecture I’ve done before, I always want to bring something new), where is it physically and, of course, what is the admission fee for the conference or event.

If you think the event will help me promote myself or my projects, this is usually not enough for me. I do not care how many followers I have on social networks and the cost of this speaking engagement for me usually exceeds the value of this promotion if I wanted to buy it.