Migrate virtual machines using LVM without access to hypervisor

I decided to migrate a few virtual machines from one hosting service to another. Most other howtos either recommend a reinstall or need access to the hypervisor (KVM/libvirt in this case – I could use native migrate functionality), which I did not have. Of course, you need to make sure you have the same architecture […]

How to use cryptocurrencies for discounted shopping on Amazon

Many people ask me how a “normal” person can use cryptocurrencies for something, that is not possible without them. One of such uses is using a service called purse.io to shop for almost anything on Amazon using cryptocurrencies while getting up to 33% discount. So daily shopping for less, yay! I made a video howto […]

Interview about Bitcoin for Slovak Radio International

The wonderful host of Slovak Radio International Jonathan McCormick interviewed me about cryptocurrencies. Enjoy!

Solution to crony capitalism?

When I first heard about a new episode of Econtalk with Michael Munger (and the Econtalk host Russ Roberts), I didn’t pay attention to the title, I just new it has to be great as all of their conversations. I had a chance to see Michael Munger live at SREK – Seminar of Austrian economy […]

Sharing files using send.firefox.com

Sharing files has been an issue. There were several services for that, I mainly used transfer.sh and dropbox/google drive. Now that Mozilla Foundation launched send.firefox.com, I switched to it. It is not as easy as transfer from the command-line by itself (you cannot upload files through curl for example like with transfer.sh), but there are […]

EU banking blacklist not approved!

I don’t often praise EU, but let’s give credit where credit is due. The stupid “dirty money blacklist” of several US territories, Panama and Saudi Arabia didn’t go through. Vera Jourova credits mainly lobbying of these countries, I hope there was some sanity on the side of the EU member states involved as well. Panama […]

Front-running on content platforms with market – case study of yours.org front-running bot (part 2)

In previous part, I shared what is interesting about content sharing networks that incorporate direct market mechanisms such as upvoting, tipping, paid comments and paid content (paywall). In this part, I will focus on upvoting, because it allows people other than content creators to discover and invest in great content and make money if they […]

Paid content networks – how to get rewarded for creating content, a case study of yours.org (part 1)

One of the main problems that many people have with the Internet is that is free. Of course we all love free stuff, but is it really free? No, we just don’t pay for it, because advertisers do. The problem is that people create useful content that is then used to attract attention of other […]

Build your own crypto utopia (interview in Gold Newsletter podcast)

Fergus Hodson interviewed me for his Gold Newsletter podcast. We are talking about what is the value proposition of cryptocurrencies, what is Parallel Polis and how to get more freedom. For other formats, visit the episode’s page at Gold Newsletter Podcast.

Hack your life to freedom (Lidija Zavoralova)

This is one of the rare occasions where I had an opportunity to interview someone on stage. Lidija is an amazing life hacker and her core value is freedom. Through stories, we have learnt how to prepare your mind in order to go around some barrier. And how to find out that the barrier is […]